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Reed Elementary School Fun Night


2019-2020 Fall Schedule is available here


August 2019- July 2020 Schedule Registration starts July 15, 2019

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Children of all ages can enjoy the ultimate party - filled with ziplines, rockwall, trampolines & much more.

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Home of the Legacy Dance Company! Mini, Junior & Senior Divisions! 

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Fun Friday's

Spend your Friday having fun with AcroTex!

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Why Gymnastics?


A foundation in gymnastics supplies children with new skills, strength, flexibility, and coordination that will help them throughout life.  Gymnastics is an “all-body” as well as an “all mind sport!”

Gymnastics provides a supervised release of children’s natural energies, improvement in overall balance, and dynamic uses of both the left and right sides of the body.  The timid child can learn to overcome fear while the daredevil learns to exercise control.

Many sports utilize skills that gymnastics teaches including soccer, baseball, football, volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, diving, dance, skateboarding, ice skating, skiing, etc.


National Champion - Colt Walker

 Colt has been a member of AcroTex Gymnastics since he was in preschool.  He is a member of the national team and has been representing team USA at international competitions.  He helped team USA to win gold at the Berlin Jr. Cup in Germany.  Colt was the 2019 All Around Champion in the junior division at the 2019 Winter Cup in Las Vegas as well as the 2019  All around Champion at the Junior Olympic Nationals in Reno.  He has been assigned to represent the U.S. in four international competitions including two in the U.S., one in Germany, and one in Canada.  He has also been on the Region 3 Elite team for 6 years.  Colts hard work and dedication will most likely lead to a full college scholarship where he will continue to train while going to school and work towards his goal of going to the Olympics.   




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